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‘John’s distinctive voice, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of blog and Twitter followers, carries effortlessly from the personal to the pastoral. Many poems are inspired by family relationships, especially the bond he has with his first son Andrew who has Downs’ Syndrome.’

John Lavan

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I moved to St Ives in 2022. 
Energised by the wind, the sea and wild moorlands I now share my time between St Ives and the moors and dales of West Yorkshire.
I am a sculptor exploring painting - my practice is young and my style is experimental. 

Caroline Ward 

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Profile Photo.jpeg

My passion is figure drawing from life and I am regularly attending life drawing sessions working with different media .  


On line resources are also useful references. 

Simon Farnell

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Space to Breathe.JPG

Christine grew up in St Ives and continues to live in the area.


She started drawing and painting from an early age and has continued throughout her life.   She is largely self-taught.

Christine Brunnock

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Hello I’m Ingrid, a plein-air, landscape & figurative oil painter.

I live in Hayle, in beautiful West Cornwall.


My land and seascapes focus on the light & energy, weather, colours and

atmosphere, and 'feel' of a place at a specific moment.

Ingrid Brown

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Seb West is a St. Ives born artist who has spent over 30 years producing vivid, contemporary paintings of the Cornish landscape from his own unique perspective.  Since 2012 he has been creating mainly abstract and semi-abstract works which incorporate heavy textures and a variety of patinas including metallic paints and metal leaf.

Seb West 

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F G Davis is an artist living between Devon and Southwest France who has exhibited in St Ives and the Southwest for over twenty years. He is a member of The St Ives Arts Club, The St Ives Society of Artists, an Associate member of The Penwith Gallery, and a regular contributor to Spot the Artist St Ives Festival initiative. 

George Davis

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Pamela grew up in East London and started her art career in 2022 after a career in the public sector.  She studied fine art printmaking at the Curwen Print Study Centre and since graduating now works full time as an artist and printmaker from her home studio. 


Pamela Mulholland

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I am a self taught artist who loved to draw and paint as a child. It wasn't until 2017 when my mum invited me along to a local art class that I rediscovered my love of art. I remember how I felt after that first lesson, it was as though a wave of calmness had taken over me. I was eager to paint more and more.

Leana Robinson

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Liz is a well-established mixed media artist, who exhibits throughout the UK. A sense of place is central to her work, she is an avid beachcomber spending many happy hours combing the beaches & cliff tops for treasure – windfall leaves, shells, driftwood, tiny broken pieces of blue & white china, small polished patterned pebbles, rusty pieces of metal in all shapes & sizes - which will evoke memories and tell stories of time & place.

Liz Hewitt 

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Profile: Dominic Hewitt is a professional photographer based in Bristol who has been taking photographs for over 30 years. He is interested in the alternative view of the landscape, looking beyond the norm for the hidden beauty within his surroundings.

Dominic Hewitt 

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A native of Nottinghamshire who has always had an interest  in  paintings. He settled in St. Ives on retirement in 2004, devoting more time to serious painting mainly in Acrylic, Oil and Pastel. He is self taught, learning something from every painting, always looking forward to the next one. He just loves to paint.

Alan Holmes 

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Under the title of 'Sea Echoes Ocean Art', I have been producing various artworks influenced by the wonders and exotic creatures of the ocean. I have lived in St. Ives for over 20 years and have been enchanted by it's beauty, the beaches, the countryside and the deep blue ocean that surrounds the county it sits in.

Debbie Kirton

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IMG_0792 (2).jpg

Rita moved to St Ives in 2014 drawn by the intense light and wild landscape reminiscent of her upbringing in the Peak District.

Working mainly with oil paint but also watercolour and acrylic she attempts to capture the spiritual essence of the Cornish landscape.

Rita Gamble

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IMG_0069 (2).jpg

Oil painter Allan Storer known for his distinctive style of impasto painting has a long association with St.Ives exhibiting for many years in a local art gallery as well as with London galleries and Art Consultancies.

Allan Storer

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Profile (2).jpg

Sally MacCabe is a mixed media artist and maker working with a variety of materials producing paintings, artists’ books, sculptures, art dolls and collaged hangings.

Sally MacCabe

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Based in St Ives Sharon McSwiney creates a range of jewellery & metalwork often with a sense of fun.

Sharon McSwiney

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Mary Allen-Graham.jpg

Mary works from her garden studio at The Owls House, St.Hilary Churchtown, Penzance.  

She works mainly in oils with the emphasis on texture and atmosphere

Mary Allen

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IMG-20191015-WA0003 (2).jpg

My artwork consists of semi-abstract landscapes, in which I try to express the coming together of inner and the outer landscapes. I am especially drawn to the Cornish coast with its magnificent, rugged cliff scenery and its ever-changing light. Here I am in direct communication with the dynamic wildness and authenticity of the elements: water, wind and rock.

Barbara Chuck

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Blue Rocks.jpg

Originally from South Wales, I moved to Cornwall in 2014 and thereafter enrolled and graduated from Cornwall College with a BAHons in Creative Practice.

Tracy Flett 

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St Ives -born and bred, Sam retired from fishing at the age of 65 years and began his hobby – painting. His love and passion throughout his life and family involvement and commitment within the harbourside community, lifeboat and coastguard rescue is shown in his work

Sampson (Sam) Bassett

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 Works in acrylic. He has exhibited in mixed shows on a regular basis with National Society for Education in Art and Design, National Acrylic Painters’ Association and Bridewell Studios in nationwide venues with much recognition.

Anthony Gribbin

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I have lived in St Ives since 1985 and became a member of the Arts Club, not because I can paint or draw (I can’t do either), but because I am a historian.

Janet Axten

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John Maskell is a self-taught painter and woodcarver who was born in Barking, Essex. Now settled in St Ives, he has exhibited at the St Ives Arts Club in Cornwall, and throughout the UK. Painting in oils, woodcarving.

John Maskell

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Debbie works from her studio in her garden in St Ives, but also loves to paint and sketch outdoors and takes her inspiration from her childhood memories and the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Debbie Sedgeman

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Profile Picture.jpg

Barbara paints beautiful and expressive paintings depicting wild waves crashing on the rocks

Barbara Turner Jones

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IMG_0792 (2).jpg

Rita moved to St Ives in 2014 drawn by the intense light and wild landscape reminiscent of her upbringing in the Peak District.

Working mainly with oil paint but also watercolour and acrylic she attempts to capture the spiritual essence of the Cornish landscape.

Rita Gamble

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Maggie has a Fine Art degree from the University of Chichester and won the Cornwall Life Landscape Painter of the Year 2016. 

Maggie Cochran

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DSCF7518 (2).JPG

My preference is  painting with Oil paints on boards, canvas and aluminium. I prefer brushes but often work with palette knives and credit cards. 

I live in Carbis Bay, a short walk from St Ives. 

My paintings are a reflection of all of St Ives bay

Chris O'Reilly

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I enjoy painting Seascapes, Flowers and Still Life using Acrylics or watercolours

Cynthia Jenkin

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I am a fine art printmaker and mixed media artist often using natural foraged items and handmade inks to create my work

Caroline Marwood

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Professional flautist and Swedish/German to English translator specialising in medical texts. Moved to St Ives 2004.

Will Sleath

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I work with enamel resin powders which I sift onto copper panels and then fuse with heat to create framed abstract images, and enamel jewellery.

Steve Payter

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Clare Hughes works from her studio in her garden in Hayle, Cornwall, which is situated close to the Cornish coastline, from which she gains much of the inspiration for her work.

Clare Hughes

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The dialogue between abstraction and representation has never been problematic for me.

Keir Williamson

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Professional artist exhibiting in the UK and the USA.

Archa Robinson

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