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Barbara Chuck
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Name: Barbara Chuck

Discipline: Artist






My artwork consists of semi-abstract landscapes, in which I try to express the coming together of inner and the outer landscapes. I am especially drawn to the Cornish coast with its magnificent, rugged cliff scenery and its ever-changing light. Here I am in direct communication with the dynamic wildness and authenticity of the elements: water, wind and rock.


My youth and early years were strongly influenced by the Bernese Alps in Switzerland with its majestic peaks. I could sometimes sit with my father while he was painting “en plein air”, and he encouraged me early on to express myself artistically. I have been painting during my whole life, using various techniques but mostly using acrylic paint or watercolours.


I fell in love with Cornwall over forty years ago and since then I have been visiting Britain regularly while travelling with my British husband.

From 2010, I started painting in oil with Doris Lindemann in her Ultramarine Studio, later relocated in the Back Road East Studio. Furthermore, I attended classes at the School of Arts and got new inspiration from artists such as Kerry Harding and Amy Albright. They helped me to discover a rich source of material.


Stylistically I feel inspired by both modern and classical landscape painters such as Caspar, Monet, and Turner, to name but a few. Above all, it was William Turner’s works at the Old Tate that were revelatory to me at a young age. Contemporary Cornish artists such as Steve Slimm and Kurt Jackson have also been instrumental in shaping my process in expressing and exploring inner and outer worlds.


I work in oil, acrylic as well as in mixed media. The layering techniques and the unpredictability of using oil paint has become predominant in my recent work.

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