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committee 2022

President  - Stephen Litherland

Vice President  - Anthony Gribbin

Club Secretary  - Honor Nankervis

Membership Secretary - Chris O'Reilly

House Manager - Vacant

Treasurer - Chris O'Reilly

Newsletter Editor - Anthony Gribbin

Website & Bookings - Chris O'Reilly 

Facebook  - Phil Gee


World Classics Series  - William Sleath


Cafe Frug - Bob Devereux 

Susan Barraclough 

Social Events - Jeremy Edwards 

Sound & Lighting Technician - Craig Brown

Maintenance - Archa Robinson

General Purposes Sub Committee - Susan Barraclough, Wendy Litherland, Louise Vallis, Phil Gee

Social Events Sub Committee - Wendy Litherland, Louise Vallis, Wendy Gribbin


1900 Edwardian 'cock-fighting' chair.


The Club is fortunate to be proud custodians of this stunning piece of antique furniture.

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