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Tracy Flett 

Originally from South Wales,  I am a self taught painter, with a degree in Creative Practices.    


Inspiration is literally on my doorstep.   I work from my garden studio on the edge of the wild upland moors of West Penwith. 


I do a lot of walking, to find special places so I am never without images and ideas.  Back home in my studio the invention begins.  My boards and canvases are already primed and stained.  Real elements mixed with remembered images and ideas.  I paint thickly or just build up layers with thin washes.  I use acrylic and oil.  My aim is to create a ‘satisfying balance of shapes.   Abstract forms appear.   A figure intrudes, leading to a hidden narrative that’s purely up to the viewer.   



‘A mix of abstract and referential forms in acrylic and oil inspired by the wild edges of West Penwith.’  

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