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Caroline Ward



Name: Caroline Ward / Barraclough

Phone: 07941 267174


Discipline:  Sculpture and Painting


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When you look at my Sea paintings I hope you can feel the power, the majesty, the awe the sea inspires in me.

Are you intrigued by Celtic Knots? Me too! I have a fascination with knitting, knotting and netting. Cornwall is a great place to explore this.
Sometimes serious and sometimes playful there is a lot of variety in my creative explorations. Maybe my lighthearted 'silly seagulls', my sketches made shyly under the table in the Big Kettle Jazz Club and my sheer indulgence in colour and paint will bring a smile to your face.

I graduated in Fine Art - Sculpture at Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology and am now exploring painting, working mainly in acrylics on canvas.
I enjoy the many opportunities to explore my creativity offered in West Cornwall: including working with St Ives School of Painting, JustLife, Barnoon Arts and as part of one of the Art Groups in the St Ives Arts Club itself. I am about to embark as a year long student with Newlyn Art School.


Exhibitions in 2024:
'A Poet, A Painter, a prompt: 365 Postcards'. A collaborative body of work with John Lavan, poet and author. May 25th to 31st. St Ives Arts Club.

'Caroline Ward. Works'. Solo exhibition. A selection of my work since my move to St Ives in 2022. August 3rd to 9th.  St Ives Arts Club.

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