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Debbie Kirton
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Name: Debbie Kirton

Phone: 07837 481179


Discipline: Ink Drawing and Watercolour





Under the title of 'Sea Echoes Ocean Art', I have been producing various artworks influenced by the wonders and exotic creatures of the ocean.


I have lived in St. Ives for over 20 years and have been enchanted by it's beauty, the beaches, the countryside and the deep blue ocean that surrounds the county it sits in.

A keen sea swimmer and ocean paddler in any form possible, 'what lies beneath' has been a hook for producing artwork. Art and creativity have always been part of my life but only recently has it taken hold as a passion, which has been a wonderful release.


I am eager to see what comes next! I never quite know where art will take me, which keeps me intrigued.


Working from my little studio at home (which comes with a view over Godrevy lucky am I!), I have used ink and watercolours but am open to other mediums as this art-journey develops.


I have a website,, plus, I sell products from my original artwork to decorative homeware products on Etsy ( and in Newlynmaids shop.

Please click on any image below to be taken to the artists personal website

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