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Leana Robinson
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Name: Leana Robinson

Phone: 07946727137


Discipline: Watercolour & Acrylics





I am a self taught artist who loved to draw and paint as a child. It wasn't until 2017 when my mum invited me along to a local art class that I rediscovered my love of art. I remember how I felt after that first lesson, it was as though a wave of calmness had taken over me. I was eager to paint more and more.


I joined local art classes and watched many YouTube videos to learn as much as I could. I'm inspired by bright colours and splashes of paint.


I create vibrant expressive art with watercolours and acrylics, that brings joy, optimism and freedom to people in a world where things can sometimes feel heavy.


My family and I relocated from Lancashire to Cornwall in September 2021

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