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Members Online Profile

This area is to help you set up a Profile and/or Gallery online

We have set up a Members Gallery where we will initially have 3 images per member.


These can be paintings, photographs, images of other crafts/work etc.

If a visitor clicks on your image, it will link through to your personal Profile Page


Obviously we want all the photo images to look good, so have put together a basic photography guide below. 



We also have a Members Showcase where you can have a short profile. 

If a visitor clicks on your image it will link again to your personal Profile Page


Within this area we will display your full profile, plus 9 images of your work per member.

These 9 will include the 3 from the Members Gallery


If any of the 9 images are clicked they will link to your own shop, website, social media site, more information or simply send you a message to an email address. 


The process is as follows, 


1. Send a short personal profile by email

2. A Profile Picture can be of you or your work, please send a photo of your choice


3. Take photos of your work and use the guide below if you need assistance


4. Email the profile & photos to  -

Within the email to Chris, please say if you wish to link through to your own website or social media pages. 

If you need any examples take a look at the existing Members Gallery and Members Showcase, and click through the images to see what happens.


If you need further guidance please email Chris   -





Online Gallery

Photographing your paintings/ items for the online gallery

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