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Guide to photographing images for your webpage.

We would prefer to upload the best possible images to the website and will be pleased

to help or offer advice if you need it. However, we hope that the following pointers will help.



Use the best quality camera you have although most phone cameras should be adequate

Ensure the image is in perfect focus across the whole photograph, with no unintentional blur

Save at the highest possible quality setting

Do not compress the image – if given the option to compress, say NO

Save as JPEG

Technical – It would be best if your image is at least 1200 x 1500 pixels

and in RGB (colour format)


Ensure the image is exactly square in the photograph

Do not enlarge images in any photo editing suites

If framed (& the frame is included in the sale) crop the image exactly to the edges of the frame

If unframed crop the image exactly to the edges of the painting.

Ensure no unintentional background or slivers of light are around the edges.

TIP : If in doubt it is better to slightly over-crop than under-crop



Do no use a flash

Ensure the lighting is correct and even across the total image

Do not over-use any artificial light source

Check the final image for glare or reflection hotspots – really look closely

Ensure there are no shadows

TIP : Go outside on a bright clear day and place your painting on the floor or a table to photograph,  generally this will give the best lighting for your camera.


Finally check the image you wish to use is a perfect reflection of the painting

you want to sell in respect of colours and brightness – please do not adjust any

images within the camera settings or with online editing once it has been taken,

as it then becomes an unreal/artificial reproduction. 

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