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Janet Axten

Standing on one of the granite ‘tors’ on Carn Stabba, with Rosewall Hill in the background (photo Maggie Davis)

I have lived in St Ives since 1985 and became a member of the Arts Club, not because I can paint or draw (I can’t do either), but because I am a historian. I research and write about the history of the town and the artists, and about fifteen years ago I began to regularly hire the Arts Club during the St Ives September Festival to host and take part in a successful series of art talks and films.


After a lifetime of long-distance hiking, especially in the mountains of Cumbria, since lockdown I have been taking long walks first thing in the morning, and have come to know the local area very well. We are very privileged to live in such a wonderful place.


As the days got shorter leading up to Christmas, I witnessed wonderful sunrises, which I had never had an opportunity of seeing before.


I thought I should like to share them with the Members.

Taken on my I-Phone 7, each is dated and timed.

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