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Debbie Sedgeman

Debbie works from her studio in her garden in St Ives, but also loves to paint and sketch outdoors and takes her inspiration from her childhood memories and the beautiful Cornish coastline. Predominantly a seascape artist, she works mainly in oils and watercolour. Born and bred in St Ives, her work is inspired by the historic remains of the old engine houses of the tin mines, quaint harbours and beautiful views across the beaches and coastal paths.

As a child, Debbie always enjoyed sketching and when she retired from sports therapy and joined St Ives Arts Club in January 2018 she began her passion to transfer the breath-taking coastline onto canvas. Born into a fishing family, and growing up in the ’downlong’ area of the town (No 8 Island Road), during her school summer holidays she spent many hours on the boats in and around the harbour, rowing and sculling the skiffs and is a member of the local rowing club. She is also a member of St Ives Coast Watch team and has spent hours studying and watching the sea and taking many photographs while walking her spaniel, Ruby.

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