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Clare Hughes 
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Name: Clare Hughes

Phone: 07971679763


Discipline: Painting







Based in Hayle, I work from my garden studio, just on the back of the sand dunes of Hayle beach.


I'm inspired by the rich historic tin mining landscape, from the spectacular rugged coastline to the inland geology and the crumbling buildings themselves. I’ve been examining the culture and history that has shaped Cornwall past and present, and have used my emotional responses, gleaned from cycle rides, sea canoeing adventures, motorbike rides, and coastal walks, as a starting point for my sketches and paintings.


What affects me most from these views are the colours, textures and the way that the constructed buildings appear to both grow out of and emerge from the landscape, whilst at the same time crumbling and blending back into it, being enveloped and hidden by the natural environment, creating such powerful and energetic vistas.


Visiting the tin mining museums further opened my eyes and provided a window into the social and economic importance of the mining community in Cornwall, enabling me to understand the cultural identity and traditions of the Cornish people.


Using mainly acrylic paint on canvas and board, my paintings are predominantly landscapes and seascapes. I work on capturing the energy, the wildness, and the way the landscape has been shaped by the extremities of the elements, industry, and by human interaction.

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