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St Ives Arts Club

Exhibition Room Guide



If you wish to advertise your exhibition in the newsletter, then please send JPEG’s of posters to the email address – – at least one month before, the month in which your exhibition will take place. We can also use for the Website and Social Media platforms.

Private Viewings (PV) – if you wish to have a PV on the Saturday to invite friends, then please organise this in advance and advertise in the Newsletter, the month before as above.

PV’s have been shown to be successful in raising awareness and do increase sales.

You need to purchase your own supplies and organise the event.


Advertising in Times and Echo or other media obviously needs advanced planning.



The Exhibition Room will be vacated and cleaned by 6pm on Friday by the previous hirer.


Members normally close their exhibition and take down no later than 5pm, mindful of new hirer coming in at 6pm and any repairs needed to the walls and general cleaning up and making good.


The incoming hirer, by agreement, can drop paintings off and place in the hallway and on the staircase from 4pm


The Club have spare exhibition room keys and can make one available in the week before.

Normally the follow-on hirer collects the key at 4pm from the outgoing hirer.


If this is not possible then the hirer can use the lockbox key  (latest code TBA) – right hand side of Warren doorway. This must always be put straight back into the lockbox once entry has been gained.


Other keys, for example for poster holders and the key to the (new) Westcotts Quay Door are all held in the keybox on the kitchen wall


In terms of set up/take down it is the member who must make arrangements.


PLEASE NOTE - There is no space to store boxes/bags during the exhibition – these should be taken away and brought back on take down. The hallway, kitchen and the toilet areas must all be kept clear.



The walls can comfortably accommodate 60/70 medium sized artworks.

The Hallway can be used if required


Please only use the hangers provided -  do not use nails or screws in the walls.


For description and pricing labels please only use WHITE TACK (not blutack) or reusable sticky labels.


There are a range of plinths and tables available. PLEASE avoid dragging tables and plinths around on the new flooring – it will rip. Please lift furniture to move it.




Hirers when leaving must set alarm and lock up each day


On entering the Alarm code is 0981 to cancel the alarm.

On leaving 0981 + the FULL button must be pressed ( Top right-hand corner )

The Exhibition Room door code is CX2468 - turn firmly clockwise.


Keys for the external (new door) to Westcotts Quay and the poster holders are in the Kitchen in the key box on the wall. PLEASE always return all keys to this box.


When leaving  at the end of each day please ensure


  1. The exhibition room lights are turned off

  2. The HEATING thermostat is turned down

  3. Both doors to Westcotts Quay are locked and all display boards taken inside.

  4. Please lock THE WARREN  external door with a key – it is not sufficient to simply shut the door.


Please see appendix 2 for further entry and exit protocol




Activate heating by turning up the THERMOSTAT in the first toilet to the required temperature. PLEASE turn back down to 10 when finished at the end of the day. Please do not turn off the stopcock!




The two poster holder on The Warren take up to A2,  and are clipframes

The two on Westcotts Quay can take up to an equivalent size and are opened with keys (from Kitchen)


Please do not Sellotape or stick posters on the outside of the transparent plastic or anywhere else


We have also paid for two poster holders (A4 size) in the Library Tourist Information Centre – if you wish to use these, please take up to the library on Saturday morning and ask them to change the Arts Club posters to your own.






Please keep clean, wash up and put away anything used.

PLEASE do not turn off or unplug any appliances or stopcocks





 Most sales are now paid for via the Sum Up machine.

We would like all exhibitors to use our point-of-sale machine. The card machine charges 1.6% and the club covers this cost,  i.e. we still pay 70% of the sales price to the hirer.

It is therefore in your best interest to use our machine, plus it helps with our own finances and analysis.


It is quite simple to use and normally hirers are taken though the sale process.

Please see appendix 1 for Sum up instructions.


The new machine is linked to the Wi-Fi and is virtually instant and reliable. If the sale does not go through it cancels the transaction.


We also have a black cash box with a small float (£25). Please avoid cash sales if possible.


There is a manual sales sheet on a clip board to record sales – see appendix example or for printing.

Please use this for all sales and once finished POST in the internal post-box, (hall windowsill) with any cash proceeds in an envelope or bag.


The club will provide bubble wrap and carrier bags on site. Bubble wrap is for sales only, not for wrapping the exhibitor’s artwork to take home at the end of their exhibition.




An Arts Club handwritten hard copy receipt can be given.

Alternatively, an e-mail or text can be sent via the Sum Up machine.

Hand to customer, to input their details which are not stored on the machine or recorded anywhere.



The Arts Club does pay a cleaner, but it is the responsibility of all members to keep the club looking good, so please tidy up after your exhibition and if a vacuum cleaner is needed, there is one under the stairs.

If you need assistance or have any question, the contacts are;


                Steve Litherland:  - 07798 564121

Anthony Gribbin: -  07792 887821

Chris O’Reilly: – 07715 409518







  1. On your Solo, enter the charge amount (minimum £‎1.00) 

  2. Tap "Charge".

  3. When "Tap or insert card" appears, prompt your customer to pay by either tapping their card to the screen or inserting it at the top of the Solo.

  4. Your Solo will confirm the success or failure of your payment.





Provide a receipt


  1. After completing a sale, choose between sending your receipt by SMS or email on the transaction confirmation screen.

  2. Enter your customer’s contact details and confirm with the tick.

  3. A confirmation screen will appear. Tap "Done" to finish.









  1. Enter through the black door from The Warren with key provided or lockbox code 1890


  1. Alarm:  White plastic box at foot of stairs. Flip down white cover - Turn off code 0981


  1. Replace key in lockbox immediately – do not put in your pocket!


  1. Exhibition Room Code – CX2468


  1. Heating: In first toilet in hallway, right hand wall – simply turn thermostat dial up to 20


  1. Lights: there are two sets of light switches for exhibitions – both on the right wall as you enter the room.



  1. Ensure the Westcotts Quay doors and Exhibition Room door are locked


  1. Turn off heating by turning thermostat dial to 10 - PLEASE DO NOT TURN OFF THE STOP-COCK


  1. Turn off all lights


  1. Set Alarm:  code 0981 then FULL (top right button)


  1. Exit to The Warren – Double lock the door with the key, do not just close it behind you.


  1. Return key to Lockbox if that is the one you have used (1890)

To download this guide to print or save please click here 

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