St Ives Arts Club - Exhibition Room - Aide Memoire for Individual Hirers


1. The Agnes Naylor Exhibition Room to be vacated by 6pm on Friday by previous hirer. 

2. Hirer closes exhibition and takes down no later than 4pm mindful of new hirer coming in at 6pm


3. The incoming hirer, by agreement, may drop paintings off and place in the hallway by the WC’s and on the staircase from 4pm.


4. The Club has spare keys and can make one available in the week before if needed but normally the follow on hirer collects the key at 4pm from the outgoing hirer. If this is not possible then the hirer needs to let the club know and a key will be supplied.


5. Hirers when leaving must set alarm and lock up each day

Alarm settings and security codes will be supplied, in advance to the hirer.

On final day if the follow on hirer is not on site then the leaving hirer must set the alarm, lock the door and post the key through the letterbox.


6. If additional display boards are required as well as wall space – this must be arranged in advance so that plans can be made to assemble and take down.

This process requires two people to handle the boards

The walls can comfortably accommodate 40 paintings - dependent on size and layout.


7. There are a range of plinths and tables available if required.

The existing hanging system must used be and no nails are to be used on Gallery walls with the exception of the areas below the windows.

Hardened pins may be used on the free standing boards (if deployed) All holes must be filled at end of show.


8. There is a manual sales sheet on a clip board to record sales.


9. Most sales are now done via the SumUp machine. It is very simple to use and hirers will be taken though the sale process etc. The new machine is linked to the WIFI and is virtually instant…..and reliable. If the sale does not go though, it cancels the transaction.

There is a black cash box in the cupboard but at the end of day any cash should be put in an envelope and posted through office door.


10. An Arts Club hand written hard copy receipt can be given if required, or e-mail or SMS text receipts are offered along with a ‘no receipt’ option on the SumUp machine - hand to customer to input their details which are not stored on the machine or recorded anywhere.


11. The sales are recorded on the club account which is linked to Steve Litherland’s e-mail.

Steve prints off the weekly sales activity. Steve will transfer funds due, to the hirer’s bank, post exhibition.


12. The card machine charges 1.6%, the club actually bears the cost. We pay 70% of the sales price to the hirer.


13. The club will provide bubble wrap and carrier bags on site.


14. Contacts are:

S Litherland   07798 564121

A Gribbin 07792 887821


15. In terms of set up/take down it is the member who is responsible to make arrangements. There is no space to store boxes/bags unless put behind the counter.

Entrance Hall and Staircase must be kept clear at all times.



Low tack self-adhesive labels work well (Avery labels) and cause less damage than BluTak

WhiteTak may be used  and should be fully removed at end of show.

It is recommended that the show is closed at 4pm on the final Friday to allow time for filling holes and touch up. (Filler and Matt Emulsion paint will be available in the store cupboard.)


For Members’ mixed shows (2 per year) there will be additional guidelines and protocols.

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