St Ives Arts Club Private Exhibitions Terms and Conditions

The Agnes Naylor Room is available to Members to hire for private exhibitions,

 subject to the following terms and conditions:


  • The hire charge is £70 or 30% of sales made, which ever is the greater. A £70 non-refundable deposit is payable within 2 weeks of booking.

  • The booking week starts on a Saturday and finishes on a Friday.

  • Changeover is normally Friday PM and the departing exhibitor is asked to empty the room by 4:00 unless other arrangements have been agreed with the incoming exhibitor.

  • The Theatre can be included in the hire arrangement (providing it is not already booked) for an additional fee of £70 per week, but both rooms must be stewarded at all times.

  • Only paid up members of the Arts Club are eligible to exhibit at private exhibitions.

  • A Club Member must be in attendance at all times.

  • Regular events take place in the Club and any Arts Club related information must be left in place and not hidden away.

  • During theatre productions, the Agnes Naylor room may be used for serving refreshments.   Please be quiet during performances and talks in the Theatre.

  • Only white tack (not blue tack) should be used on the walls.

  • The Club’s Triplicate Book should be used to record sales.  The yellow copy should be returned with your Sales Return Form at the end of the event.  NB. Sales of cards and other items under £5 may be recorded separately and entered as one total.

  • A Sales Return Form must be completed and submitted to the Club at the end of the event.  The Sales Return Form can be found in the Bookings section of the Website or is available from the Club.


       St Ives Arts Club Booking Procedure

  1. Please ensure that you have paid your membership fees for the current year.  You must be a paid up member to make a booking.

  2. Refer to the Bookings Calendar for Agnes Naylor Room or the Theatre to check that the dates you want are available.  

  3. Complete the online form and arrange payment within 2 weeks.

  4. Alternatively, print, complete and return the PDF booking form, sign to confirm you have read the conditions of hire, enclose a deposit cheque for £70 per event booked made payable to ‘St Ives Arts Club’ and send to the Arts Club.

  5. Facilities will only be confirmed as booked, once the booking request and payment have been received and processed.  You will be contacted with confirmation of the booking.


       Further information

  • If you have a technical query/need to view the premises, contact the House Manager on 07798 564 121.

  • You must arrange your own publicity, but it’s in the interest of the Club to help you where possible.  

  • Therefore please send details of your exhibition/event to for inclusion in the monthly newsletter (deadline is the 20th of each month) and also to  for publication on the Club’s website.

  • Any posters supplied to us will be displayed at the Arts Club and at our regular advertising points.

  • If you supply a press release to us, we will forward it to local newspapers.

  • A key to the Arts Club will be supplied for your use.  You will be asked to sign for it and pay a deposit of £20. After your event, please return the key as soon as possible, and your deposit will be refunded in full.



Contacts for Bookings

Booking Manager: Chris O’Reilly m: 07715 409 518

House Manager: Steve Litherland m: 07798 564 121